What is ‘Cultures Of Excellence’?

Always wondered what is really required (personally and professionally) to drive successful change?

‘Cultures of Excellence’ offers an innovative approach to sustaining improved culture within organisations. Click to see the framework

A two-part framework, Cultures of Excellence pioneers an integrated approach which assists:

– Individuals to plan for, implement and sustain change that calls you into action; creating access for the expression of your fundamental commitment and provides a pathway that leads to the development of resilience and ultimately expansion into your fullest potential.

– Organisations how to truly connect with their workforce to identify and understand what is working and what is not working and then to apply the technique of ‘inspired engagement’ to harness employee insights, ideas and energy to identify and drive solutions development.

Underpinned by the technique of ‘inspired engagement’, Cultures of Excellence provides a step by step process to develop insight and then translate that insight into action, resulting in improved experiences for individuals and enhanced outcomes for organisations.

This is achieved through two distinct parts:

Part 1. The Principles of Excellence; a 10-point plan for individuals to develop insight, take action and build better outcomes, for themselves and the organisation they work in

Part 2. The Pillars of Excellence; the four areas (or thematic categories) that organisations should consider and integrate into planning for change

The framework offers a step by step process to build a culture of excellence and proven techniques which:

– reduce conflict

– build resilience

– improve communication

– improve stress management

– enhance working relationships

– translate individual insights into organisational outcomes

Fundamentally, It’s a cohesive and thorough yet simplistic approach which results in happier and more fulfilled employees and improved organisational outcomes.

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